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Working  Meeting  being  held  to  Promote  Discipline  Inspection  in  Rural  Area

on july 14, the working meeting was held to promote discipline inspection work in rural areas. summary of the supervision work in recent years has been made and working plan for the next phase has been worked out. municipal standing committee member and municipal discipline inspection commission secretary, zhang yuejin, attended the meeting.

in recent years, with the joint efforts of discipline inspection commissions of the county (city and district) level, supervision bureau and municipal departments at the agricultural sector, the city inspection mechanism in the rural area has been further solidified and deepened achieving certain results.

zhang yuejin requires that to advance the work of discipline inspection in the rural area, the rural grassroots party committees and discipline inspection commissions should take the responsibility and the various agriculture-related departments must effectively perform its regulatory functions. the party committee must take the main responsibility to promote the discipline inspection work in the rural area, discipline inspection commission must fulfill its duty and agricultural administrations must promote the regulatory functions to form an integrated force.