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Street Lights Network Construction and Application in China

1、project name: street lights network construction and application in china

2、project classification: software and information service

3、project sponsor: yangzhou ruicheng technology co., ltd.

4、project contents: the project plans to establish a business portal of chinese street lights manufacturing bases for international or domestic market, provide an integrated e-commerce service platform which has the functions of ^3s ̄ (show, sale and serve) for domestic and international merchants, set up systems of enterprise resource planning (erp), supply chain management (sum) and customer relationship management (crm), and integrate these systems together to share information.

5、estimated investment此2 million usd 

construction period1 years 

payback period3 years 

6、intent of cooperation

joint venture, cooperation

7、contact person: zhang xiao zhan 

    postcode: 225600

    tel.: 0514!84613739

    fax: 0514!84061046

    e-mail: 4613739@gaoyou.com