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The Fifth Award Ceremony of “Prose Prize of Zhu Ziqing” will be Held in Yangzhou on 21st

On November 2nd, the results of the Fifth Prose Prize of Zhu Ziqing were announced in Beijing. The winners are Xiao Fuxing, Sun Yu, Ding Fan, Pan Xiangli and Che Qianzi. On November 21st, the 120th Anniversary Party of Mr. Zhu Ziqings Birthday and the 5th Award Ceremony of Prose Prize of Zhu Ziqing will be held in Yangzhou. Relevant leaders of the Chinese Writers Association and judges and winners of the current Prose Prize of Zhu Ziqing will attend the award ceremony.

Prose Prize of Zhu Ziqing is the highest award in Chinese prose circle. It was initiated and founded by Peoples Literature Magazine and Yangzhou Newspaper Media Group in 2010. The award is presented in every two years and is awarded permanently in his hometown, Yangzhou. This year is the 120th anniversary of Mr. Zhu Ziqings birthday and also the year of awarding of the 5th Prose Prize of Zhu Ziqing.

Mr. Zhu Ziqing had lived, studied and been a teacher in Yangzhou for 16 years. His spiritual integrity and literary achievements has inspired generations of Chinese people. Many of his works are deeply engraved with the imprint of Yangzhou, pouring into the affection and attachment to his hometown. His masterpiece I am a Yangzhou Native is more integrated into the homeland complex of born, die and cry here.

Prose Prize of Zhu Ziqing is named after Zhu Ziqing. It aims to commemorate Mr. Zhu Ziqing and pay tribute to his sincere, poetic and morally responsible prose spirit. It also commends the outstanding achievements of Chinese prose writing and reiterates the cultural value of prose writing and the responsibility of prose for national language and life.

The award will be awarded to prose writers who have made outstanding achievements in prose writing and new prose writers who have shown outstanding talent during the award period.

In the first four sessions of Prose Prize of Zhu Ziqing, 20 authors, such as Zhang Chengzhi, Yan Lianke, Jiang Fangzhou, Jia Pingwa, Ma Boyong and Ma Weidu, received the awards.